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Our mission is promote a love of learning in our kiddos with disruptive educational plans and creative materials 

We are Libereco Home School


Dare to do things differently

We are a private school that offers a certified Alternative Education program with access to unlimited Educational Resources and international Master Teachers with more than 30 years of experience that combine worldwide successful methodologies in autonomous learning. We assess your children's progress based on learning evidence rather than grades.


A diagnostic exam allows us to know the best way in which your child learns, so his education will be more complete and innovative.


No two study plans are the same. We are one of the most unique schools out there. Let us tell you why!


We value parental choice. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach to education doesn't work. That's why we've created a diverse set of program offerings. That means our students can direct their learning independently and follow the required educational standards.


And because we believe that the community is the classroom, we offer much more than what you will find in a traditional classroom.


field trips

Workshops (for parents and students)

annual conference

Career Technical Education Courses


Libereco’s mission is to help families to free themselves from the traditional schooling system and have the liberty to choose and prioritize  what their children learn. Libereco offers many different education styles and varied curriculum to suit your family and your children, including hobbies and interests.

Master teacher and parent teacher come together and review the diagnostic exams results and talk about the child’s goals, hobbies, and interests. This is all done in order to raise students that excel, not only in  academics but also in life. Libereco helps you raise children who are intrinsically aware of social and ecological issues.

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To be the best option with the most varied resources homeschooling program, allowing parents and students to:

  • Encourage and celebrate curiosity, questioning and play on a daily basis

  • Include a diverse range of cultural events and even trips to give learning a new dimension

  • Learn new languages

  • The freedom and flexibility to personalize the child’s education based on their interests and goals

  • For a child to learn about their environment without an exterior bias allowing for a parent to teach values and social customs

  • Children would receive tailored lesson plans made by certified teachers and can receive help from tutors who are flexible and ready to teach in more than one way to adapt to any student’s needs



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Valeria, Chihuaha, México

I recommend this great option from Libereco, they offer you all kinds of programs and you choose the one that best suits your time, the age of your child, and your needs in general. Before deciding, I evaluated more than 6 online homeschool options. and Libereco was what I needed, I am a mom who works a full schedule, and I needed something that would fit my needs and obviously those of my daughter, who is about to turn 5 years old. Libereco gives me what I need every day without inventing a curriculum, based on my academic level, but also based on what my daughter likes, such as insects, dinosaurs, or cooking.

We are very happy with this option that you really have to try.

Meet our team









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